Fort Smith Family Medical Center is now open!

New clinic

Western Arkansas, as well as other areas of Arkansas, has a need for more family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, and other health care providers. In addition, demand for primary care is increasing as a result of our state’s growing population, the aging of our population, and an increase in prevalence of chronic illnesses.

To address these needs UAMS West opened a new 30,000 square feet clinical facility Spring 2017 and remodeled its current building. These changes allow us to accommodate an increased number of health care profession trainees; effectively service the acute, chronic and preventive needs of our patients, and train our residents and students in patient-centered, team-oriented, cost-effective care.Groundbreaking photo

The new clinic facility includes 48 exam rooms, lab and x-ray facilities, space for ultrasound services, minor surgeries, immunization services, space for interdisciplinary patient care and education, and a children’s play area.

To grow and develop and be considered a great place to live, a community needs several important elements, including quality jobs, good schools and excellent health care in all medical specialties. Our community is no different. Those of us at UAMS West focus our attention, skills and resources on the last item – excellent health care.