Adolescenter ServicesAdolescence is a time of change, when preteens and teenagers begin to form the habits and skills that will be with them throughout their adult lives. When you consider that these years are a period of intense growth, not only physically but also intellectually and socially, we understand that it’s critical for you to access high quality medical care for the teen and tween years.

At our UAMS Family Medical Centers, we want to help teens and preteens form good health habits, so we provide all the services you need, including regular immunizations and routine doctor visits. And we know that each teen and preteen boy and girl is unique, so we provide personalized care for your child(ren).

Our clinics also help make developing habits for good health easier by offering adolescent medical services readily available in your area, instead of requiring you to travel a long distance for routine medical care.

The caring and compassionate doctors at our centers provide pediatric and family medicine, helping you form a personal relationship with your doctor. And because our clinic has access to the vast network of UAMS physicians and resources, additional experts are available to address the specific health concerns of teenagers and preteens.